HANASU movie upload Festival Limited
At the end, we all are deeply moved to make HANASU videos with voicer and your UTAU(s)!
Not only HANASU, OK participation in UTAU!

12/23(Fri)-30(Fri)24:00 [one week]
* All dates in Japan time progresses.

Simultaneous live participation videos
Once at the end of the festival will broadcast the participation videos.
broadcast by 中の人とHANASU community.

Target Videos
The main thing is the conversation(HANASU) with voicer and your UTAU(s).
That video is posted to the NND.
* The contents are FREE!

* Not only voicer, if you want to participate in the festival who have been acting UTAU's management
will also allow the participation of its management.

NOT Target Videos
Video receive clarified that the main HANASU.
Not add tag and lock it after the video posting.

How to join
As possible, please express to the participants in advance.

Fill out all required fields on the email form below, please send.

Add the "中の人とHANASU祭り2011" tag and lock it after the video posting.
Please register to participate video in 中の人とHANASU community.

The length of the video, please create a guideline within three minutes

12/31 (Sat) to be performed live by the broadcast participation video.
To stream live video to the "live license (生放送使用許可)" is required.
Please note in advance to allow the use.

Perform a live courses for Support HANASU.
Will be held live at the 中の人とHANASU community.
Will be charged for more time for community.

nhh2011's management team

Japanese / English